Manual : Attacking Zegeta

1.01 Game Details:
Released by Denysoft Games in June 23 2015 for the Playstation®4 System
1.02 Type/Story:
Attacking Zegeta is a Action/Platformer game with a high difficulty level in gameplay.The game is meant to be a self discovery process where the player must find his way to the end.Set in the future you play as Zegeta. THE G.C.P.D. (GUAYNABO CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT) created a division of mechanical robots to protect the city and fight crime, but something went wrong and the robots started to attack humans…

1.03 Controls:
DPAD LEFT AND RIGHT: Move character left and right.
DPAD DOWN: Pick Up Item
SQUARE: Attack/Action
X: Jump
CIRCLE: Change Weapon L+R: Go back to main menu R2: Purchase Items


1.04 Tips:

The game is simple but very difficult at the same time, it may take some time to get the hang of the controls and gameplay, think with logic and you may go to the next level.

Wall Jumping: To make a correct wall jump you must face the wall and while you are falling
press the jump button.